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Academic Curriculam (CBSC)

In Camellia Public School the starting point in learning is what children can do. Nurturing creative talents through self learning and independent thinking, encouraging concern towards all human beings and the environment, enhancing the five senses by helping them develop life skills and by improving mental and physical health are our prime objectives.

Today learning beyond books is extremely important to meet the challenges of the future.

At Camellia Public School we intend to provide a platform for your chield that will equip him/her with all the tools required to be a model citizen of tomorrow's world.

Our Vision

Our endeavor is to provide your child with a safe happy and encouraging environment that promotes knowledge and responsibility.

Our Mission

Our aim is to facilitate your child's learning through play and work activities on individual and in team.

Future Plan

BALA [Building as Learning Aid]

Digital Classroom for our Next Generation of learners