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Beyond Academics

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Art & Craft

"Without fine arts there are no fine minds." 
The basic aim of the art classes at Camellia International School is to create an awarness and sensitivity to all aspects of the environment and grace in everyday life, to developthe inclination and capacity to understand what is good and desirable and what is wrong and undesirable, not only for the individual but for society as a whole.

Textile Printing

Weaving is an ancient textile art and craft that involves placing two threads or yarn made of fibre onto a warp and weft of a loom and turning them into cloth. Children learn here to work the loom to create design on cloth - plain (in one color or a simple pattern), or woven in decorative or artistic designs, including tapestries.
Painting techniques include making paper designs of borders, all-over designs and motifs.

Needle Craft

Children here perfect their knowledge of the basic stitches -run, hem, stem, satin, chain and some other.They will be able to set small, neat stitches to their samples and will try their hand at creating some household linen using their own design.

Biodynamic Gardening and Farming :

Mother Nature teaches us important lessons. One of them is , how to grow the perfect planet without the use harmful chamicals and the other is, using the formative forces of nature - earth , sky , air, fire and weather.
Children who will choose this activity learn of the above to grow and nurture plants. Organic Fertilizer like compost, are used insteed of chemicals in the school garden to grow carrots, beans, tomatoes and other vegetables.

Martial Art

The art of self defense is taught by instructors skilled in taekwondo, karate and kickboxing. Courtesy, self control, perseverance, intrgrity and indomitable spirit are the guiding principles of this group.


One of the oldest art form, which precede even speech in the history of our evolution.Children learn this art of silent communication through the use of techniques like illusion, stationary walking, expression and improvisation.

Dance & Music

Science Club

This club aims to stimulate children's curiosity and develop their scientific skills such as observing, doing, measuring and recording.


Ths is a compulsory part of the educational process. We believe every student deserves a chance to play. Sports & Game develop the whole person, leading to the creation of self-worth, pride, group commitment, team-work, individual discipline and proper attitude. Mental & physical toughness are also fall-out of a well structured sports programme.

The Outdoor Games programme offers Cricket, Football, Athletics, Basketball, Volleyball and Swimming, where indoor games comprises of Table-Tennis, Badminton, Chess,Carrom, Multigym. Expert coaches in these games are there to guide the children.

School has regular size soccer field, 200mt. track, basketball courts, a swimming pool and a fully equiped Multigym.

The juniors have a Recreation Park which has equipment like swings, see-saws, sliders, rockers and sandpits.