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Future Plan

BALA of new Age Learning

BALA [Building as Learning Aid] is about innovatively treating the space and the built elements to make the existing school architecture more resourcef ul with higher educational value in a child friendly manner.

BALA is a way to holistically plan and use the school infrastructure. It incorporates the ideas of activity based learning, child friendliness and inclusive education for children. At the core, it assumes that the architecture of school can be a resource for the teaching - learning processes.

There are two levels of this intervention :

Delop the SPACES to create varied teaching-learning situations.
Develop the BUILT ELEMENTS in these spaces as teaching-learning aids.

Digital Classroom for our Next Generation of learners :

Our digital classes are high-tech digital initiative which has transformed the ways of teaching and learning in schools with innovative and meaningful use of technology. The digital class delivery model is undoubtedly unique. There is a knowledge centre within the school equipped with entire library of digital content. The knowledge is connected to each classroom with internet. The classroom is equiped with state of art electronic infrastructure like projection systems. computers and UPS.

The content repository consists of thousands of highly animated 2D & 3D multimedia. These modules are built with an instructor led designs that allows the teacher to effectively transact the lessons in atypical classrooms of diverse set of learners.

Rooted in tradition, with an international outlook

As the world gets more connected, it becomes imperative to gain multi-cultural knowledge integrated with traditional learning. Any educational institution must offer a curriculum that is Glocal in its acope.

Camellia International Schools are geared to create international Indians who can make a difference to their country and to the world as well.

New Age Holistic Education

Holistic Education goes beyond book-learning. In our school we look forward to parents partnering us in every sphere of learning and child development. Our children are taught the values of sharing and caring through group activities that build bridges and help in self expression. Apart from taking part in sports and concerts, children participate in group games and shared projects which go a long way in developing latent talents and shaping individual personalities. We ensure that every child is empowered with soft skills to take on the future with confidence.