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Our school environment is not all concrete box-like class rooms. We have designed a learning space to facilitate your child to open up, question and find the answers all around. Even the architecture of the school incorporates ground breaking, progressive and modern educational techniques like BALA (Building as a Learning Aid) & Digital Classrooms. For instance, door angle protectors visually demonstrate basic geometrical concept and staircases with numbers painted on them make mathematics fun and easy-to-learn. Digital classrooms with innovative and meaningful use of technology have radically transforms the teaching process.

The words of Nelson Mandela remind us that "EDUCATION IS THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON WE CAN USE TO CHANGE THE WORLD" and that is what we at Camellia strive towards. Imparting the right wisdom and helping develop the blossoming minds who will be the future leaders of our country is a small drop in the ocean of triumph. Our focus is not only to nourish these young minds but also to build confident and honourable charecters.

  • ┬áTo develop creative learners through holistic education and responsible global citizens.
  • Our endeavor is to provide your child with a safe happy and encouraging environment that promotes knowledge and responsibility.
  • Our aim is to facilitate your child's learning through play and work activities on individual and in team.